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Take advantage of motivated people and excited customers for your business objectives. On-line social networking provides new opportunities for mutual communication with customers and partners.
Community application Tymuj.czSocial networking and community portals are becoming very popular because they allow people to establish social relationships to the extent where it wasn't possible before, to establish communication in new relationships and make use of tools that support cooperation. But under no circumstances does it need to be only about amusement and fun. Your customers, business partners and fellow workers form their own community. Have a look at some particular examples of community projects that we have implemented.

SCOOP Social

The SCOOP Social platform is a tool for quickly and effectively developing community projects for marketing, education and intra-company usage. The platform consists of modules for publishing and sharing multimedia, micro-community functions, friend relationships, user profiles, etc. Thanks to this platform, we are able to create a community portal of any size and focus, all quickly and at reasonable costs.


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Are you considering launching and operating a community portal? We can consult you on how to proceed, with us providing the entire technology for the project and a trouble-free launch. Just contact me at telephone number , or write me.

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Jan Vaněk

Jan Vaněk