Theta monitor

Theta monitor is a specialized training tool aimed at improving overall business skills of sales teams. The platform was tailor-made according to the education methodology of the company Ottima. It is very specific mainly due to the assessment of practical skills and recording of feedback from the superiors. The management of the organization disposes of up-to-date data about the improvement of business skills in a graphic representation.
Theta monitor
Client: Ottima a.s.
Released: June 2006

Client comments

The company Elevator is a valued partner with the right feel for IT (their specialty), as well as educating and training employees (our specialty). Together we have developed an application that makes it easy for managers to coach and train their subordinates. Elevator has always been a reliable and flexible supplier of whatever solution is needed.
Ondrej Hanus

Ondrej Hanus
Ottima a.s.
Head of the support division

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